Who is Missing From the Coming-of-Age Narrative

DOK Industry Podcast 2020

Who is Missing From the Coming-of-Age Narrative


As an educator Shakira Refos is always thinking about the population she serves, her students. In prioritising Black kids in her work, she’s always confronted by the challenge to find the same precious films for their age in which they can see their everyday struggles reflected back to them. Struggles they face by simply and sweetly living their lives as teenagers. Her wish is to see more Black joy in documentary film. 

Let’s start by having an honest conversation about whiteness and the role arts administrators play on the self-perception of Black kids through the media culture we curate. 

Language: English 
Duration: 77 min

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Shakira Refos
California Film Institute

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Celeste Truffaut Wong
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Nathan Murthy

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POC2 Programmers of Colour Collective
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DOK Industry Podcast 2020