DOK Short n’ Sweet

DOK Short n’ Sweet

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DOK Short n’ Sweet invites accredited film professionals to pitch their short film project in front of an international panel of buyers and distributors and an engaged audience of producers and peers.

DOK Short n’ Sweet is back with a new live pitch, closing out our DOK Industry Programme in 2020. We are keeping the format: seven projects will have three minutes to pitch to a panel of international experts. Keep it short, keep it sweet, and watch new projects and talents take off from the comfort of your lounge!

Elizabeth Klinck, E Klinck Research, Collingwood

Language: English
Access: Accredited guests welcome

Anna Henckel-Donnersmark, Berlinale Shorts, Berlin
Opal Hope Bennett, PBS/POV, Brooklyn 
Catherine Colas, ZDF, Mainz 
Cara Vulpiani, Varicouloured, Tallinn 
Lindsay Poulton, The Guardian, London

DOK Industry Coordinator

Ulrike Schmidt

u [dot] schmidt [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de
+49 (0) 341 30864-1081

Projects 2020

A man is lying on the forest floor smiling proudly at the camera, in front of him a couple mushrooms are growing in the grass
The Mushroom Hunters

by Elena Kairyte
Baltic Productions

An old woman dressed in a flesh coloured cloth and a plastic flower crown is sitting on a chair in front of a black background
Portrait of Putin Without an Ermine

by Ira Putilova and Romain Beck
Bad Table Manners
United Kingdom

A painted picture of the view outside the front of a car. The street is dark and rainy, in the rear mirror the eyes of the driver can be seen. The clock says 3:59
A Quarter to 4

by Catalina Matamoros Puerto
Extranjero Films

The back of a man in a red tanktop with raised arms, in the background more people in the same pose can be seen
Rebirth on the Dance Floor

by Chona M.
Germany, Philippines

Painting of a bonfire and a person flying through the sky above it
The Syrian Cosmonaut

by Charles Emir Richards
Syria, Turkey, USA

Painted picture of a face looking in the mirror

by Caterina Monzani and Salvador Maldonado
United Kingdom

A woman's silhouette and her shadow in a mirror

by Sara Jurincic


“Many people say the long film is the novel and the short film is the short story. For us the short film is a poem.”

Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck
DOK Leipzig 2019, Short n’ Sweet Panelist
All about the regulations in the Short n’ Sweet pitch

Is there a fee for participation?

There is no participation fee involved in pitching your selected project. But each project team member needs to be a holder of a festival accreditation, as DOK Short n’ Sweet is part of the online DOK Industry Programme. The accreditation can be obtained after selection but latest before the preparatory workshop.

Do I need an accreditation?


Whether you want to watch the pitches or are presenting a project yourself, a festival accreditation is required to receive access to DOK Short n’ Sweet, which is part of the online DOK Industry Programme.


When and where does the event take place?

The event takes place as a digital offering as part of the online DOK Industry Programme on Friday, 30 October. Although we’d much rather welcome you in Leipzig, the online format allows filmmakers internationally to participate, independent of travel limitations in a year that is marked by COVID-19.

What does the participation entail for a selected project team?

The representative(s) of the selected projects receive the opportunity to pitch their short film project in front of an international panel of buyers and distributors and an engaged audience of producers and peers. Additionally, they meet the panelists in short individual meetings for more concrete feedback and networking.

This year, selected projects will be invited to participate in a special workshop to help you prepare your pitch and connect with your colleagues. The workshop takes place around 2 weeks before the festival, around mid-October.

If selected, how much time do I have to pitch?

Each presentation consists of 3 minutes pitch, and 4 minutes are reserved for questions from the panelists.

Can I show visual materials as part of my pitch?

Yes, if you have first materials to show, you are welcome to integrate them into your pitch. This can be a still, a mood board or a short teaser or scene. We are happy to advise you on how to make best use of this option, once you’re selected.

Can I come as an observer and listen?

Yes, please do. DOK Short n’ Sweet is open to all holders of a festival accreditation. You can join the live event on Friday, 30 October 2020, or watch the recording at another time.


Who are the panelists?

The panelists are international short film funders, curators, film buyers and distributors and will be announced in good time before the event.

DOK Industry Programme is co-funded and supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme of the European Union.
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