DOK Short n’ Sweet

DOK Short n’ Sweet

5 Panelteilnehmer sitzen auf einer Bühne vor dem Publikum
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“Many people say the long film is the novel and the short film is the short story. For us the short film is a poem.”

Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck
DOK Leipzig 2019, Short n’ Sweet Panelist

DOK Short n’ Sweet is a short film pitch focusing on the financing and distribution of short documentary and animated documentary films. DOK Short n’ Sweet invites accredited film professionals to pitch their short film project in front of an international panel of buyers and distributors and an engaged audience of producers and peers.

Hone your pitching skills, get your ideas out there and see where it leads. Each film idea will have 7 minutes to be presented: 3 minutes to pitch the idea and 4 minutes are reserved for questions of the panelists.

No prizes, no promises, but a great opportunity if done right!

DOK Industry Coordinator

Ulrike Schmidt

u [dot] schmidt [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de
+49 (0) 341 30864-1081

All about the regulations in the Short n’ Sweet pitch

When and where does the event take place?

DOK Short n’ Sweet takes place during the festival week in one of our DOK Industry venues - the exact date and time will be announced closer to the festival.

Who are the panelists?

The panelists are international short funders, curators, film buyers and distributors and will be announced before the festival.

How can I participate to pitch a project?

Please use the online submission form and enter the project information and your contact details. The projects, that receive the opportunity to pitch, will be selected from all submitted projects by DOK Industry staff.

How much time do I have to pitch?


Each presentation consists of 3 minutes pitch, and 4 minutes are reserved for questions from the panelists.


How should I prepare my pitch?

The pitch will be performed orally, so you do not have to prepare visual material. Make it short and sweet and make good use of the 3 minutes to present your project.

We do not offer pitch training in advance of the event, so come prepared. You might even want to bring one pagers with links to previous works or teasers with you. It’s up to you, how you prepare for the session, but we ask you to take it seriously, as there is a big potential to find partners and financiers.

Is there a fee for participation?

Participation is free but open only to accredited festival guests. So regardless of whether you would like to observe the event or pitch a project, please make sure you have a festival accreditation.


Do I receive travel or accommodation support when I am selected to pitch my idea?

No, DOK Leipzig does not cover your travel or accommodation costs for your participation in DOK Short n’ Sweet.

Can I come as an observer and listen?

Yes, please do. DOK Short n’ Sweet is open to all holders of a festival accreditation. 

DOK Industry Programme is co-funded and supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme of the European Union.