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A forest in the evening sun. Above the ground float several glittering rocks.
Xhimeras | DOK Exchange XR 2023

(6 DoF VR)

VR journey to the future to explore the effects of climate change on the Friendship Island, a semi fictitious enclave at the southern extremity of South America, where species have rapidly evolved and adapted to their changing surroundings after a mysterious event.


climate change, climate action, ecotopia, speculative ecology and zoology, transmutation, nature, species, South America

Project Representative
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Portrait Luca Lee
Portrait Luca Lee
Luca Lee
Chile / USA


Luca Lee is a journalist and a transmedia artist from Chile based in New York, whose practice explores the relationship between speculation, identity, and worldbuilding. Using accessible approaches to Extended Reality and human-AI collaboration, he is interested in exploring alternative realities at and beyond the human-centered framework. Luca has showcased his work at various venues, including FILE Electronic Language International Festival (Brazil), Vasulka Kitchen Brno (Czech Republic), Venice Experimental (Italy), and ChaShama (US). In 2023, he became a year-10 member of the XR track at New Inc, an incubator for art and technology led by the New Museum in New York City. Luca holds an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from The City University of New York.

Photo: Ariele Max

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Luca Lee


Luca Lee

General Information
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Countries of Production:

USA, Chile


English, Spanish

Project Stage:

Early Stage of Development


15 min

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