DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Press Releases 2015

13/2015, 01.11.2015

DOK Leipzig celebrates another record viewing audience


DOK Neuland and “Zeitkino” at the central railway station were the new audience attractions


The 58th edition of DOK Leipzig has come to a close with a new, record-breaking attendance figure. A viewing audience of 48,000 came to the cinemas and events at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film in the course of the past week, about 4,000 more than in 2014, which was also a record year. As in the previous year, over 100 showings were sold out. The growth in attendance arose mainly due to two new projects. DOK Neuland, the interactive exhibition on Leipziger Marktplatz, drew an audience of 4,300. The revival of the historic Zeitkino at Leipzig’s central railway station was equally a major success. Thanks to the support given by the PROMENADEN Hauptbahnhof Leipzig mall, 2,500 viewers were able to watch film classics for free during the festival week. The Zeitkino programme will continue to run until 8 November. (...)

12/2015, 31.10.2015

DOK Leipzig awards 7 Golden Doves to conclude the festival


The film festival offered a total of 19 prizes amounting to EUR 75,500


+ BLOCKED until 10 p.m. today (31 Oct.) + BLOCKED until 10 p.m. today (31 Oct.) +


Polish filmmaker Wojciech Staroń has won the prestigious Golden Dove in the International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film at DOK Leipzig for the film “Brothers”. This prize was granted by the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk broadcasting network. Staroń’s film about a pair of elderly brothers in Poland also received the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. In the past Staroń had already been honoured with Doves several times at the largest documentary film festival in Germany. The Golden Dove in the German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film went to Tom Lemke for his film “Land on Water”. (...)


11/2015, 29.10.2015

Documentary film about 1991 coup in Russia honoured with “Leipziger Ring”


Film prize from Stiftung Friedliche Revolution for Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa


Today, on Thursday, the 29th of October, the documentary film about the coup in Russia in August 1991 entitled “The Event” (‘Sobytie’) was awarded the Leipziger Ring. This film prize from Stiftung Friedliche Revolution (Peaceful Revolution Foundation), endowed with 5,000 euros was given to Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa in Leipzig’s St. Nicholas Church. In his 74-minute film he employs archive footage to describe the end of an epoch. The Leipziger Ring is the first award given within the framework of the DOK Leipzig Festival 2015. The 18 additional awards and prizes, among them the coveted Golden Doves, shall be presented at the awards ceremony on Saturday at the Schauspiel Leipzig theatre. (...)


10/2015, 26.10.2015

Political voicings at opening of DOK Leipzig New director Leena Pasanen criticises “Legida” / Culture Minister Stange praises festival


DOK Leipzig was festively inaugurated yesterday evening (Monday) before an audience of 750 at the CineStar Leipzig cinema complex. The first opening ceremony under Leena Pasanen, the new festival director, was less formal this year. Casually held presentation dialogues onstage with Dr Eva-Maria Stange, the State Minister for Science and Art in Saxony, and Michael Faber, the Mayor for Culture of the City of Leipzig, took the place of keynote speeches. (...)

08/2015, 22.10.2015

DOK Leipzig awards 75,500 euros in prizes

Three prizes are being awarded for the first time this year

This year DOK Leipzig is handing out 19 awards worth a total of 75,500 euros. This sum makes the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film one of the best-endowed documentary film festivals in Europe. Three new prizes are being awarded at this year’s festival: the Young Eyes Film Award (2,000 euros in prize money), the DOK Neuland Audience Award, and a Golden Dove for the Best German Short Film (5,000 euros in prize money). DOK Leipzig is awarding a total of seven Golden Doves and one Silver Dove. At 10,000 euros, the biggest prize is the Golden Dove in the International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film, granted by the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk broadcasting network. A matching amount will be awarded for the
Golden Dove in the German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film and the Golden Dove in the Next Masters Competition, granted by the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig. (...)

07/2015, 09.10.2015

New jury structure at DOK Leipzig

Besides experts on film, the juries include painters and writers, too

An animator and director from the USA who gained fame through the animated cartoon series “The Simpsons”, David Silverman is coming to DOK Leipzig as a member of the jury. He is one of 40 jurors on 12 panels who decide on the winners and awards given at this year’s festival. As of this year not only experts on film will be sitting on the juries: artists from other fields are taking part as well. Leena Pasanen, the new festival director, wants to open up the evaluation of the films to include other artistically creative influences. As a result, Christoph Ruckhäberle, a painter from Leipzig, and writer Ingo Schulze, a native of Dresden, shall be co-deciding on a number of awardwinners. (...)


06/2015, 06.10.2015

Lots of world premieres and a new competition structure


DOK Leipzig is showing 162 films from 50 countries in its Official Selection


DOK Leipzig will be presenting 66 world and international premieres at this year’s festival. A total of 162 films from 50 countries have made it onto the list for the prestigious Official Selection at the largest documentary film festival in Germany. Leena Pasanen, the new festival director, has accomplished a fundamental change in thematic content together with Grit Lemke, the head of programme: the strict partitioning of documentary and animated films has been done away with. For the first time, long animated films are equally a part of the Official Selection, which qualifies them for admission to all long-film competitions. Short animated films shall be screened together with documentary films. (...)


05/2015, 01.10.2015

Reunification epic by Andreas Voigt to open DOK Leipzig

The sixth part of the Leipzig Cycle will have its world premiere at the film festival


The opening film of this year’s DOK Leipzig is “Alles andere zeigt die Zeit” (“Time Will Tell”) by director Andreas Voigt. It is the sixth part of Voigt’s internationally renowned Leipzig Cycle and will see its world premiere at the festival opening on 26 October. The work ties in with the series of films produced by the director between 1986 and 1997. In the films he follows the lives of a handful of Leipzig inhabitants at a time of great upheaval. 25 years after German reunification, Voigt returns to some of the protagonists. (...)


04/2015, 18.09.2015

Border-Crossings in Special Programmes at DOK Leipzig

Premiere for interactive exhibition “DOK Neuland” as part of the Special Programmes


DOK Leipzig has curated 13 Special Programmes including roughly 200 films for this year’s version of the festival. Thematically, the leitmotif for this year “Borders and Identities” threads its way across many of these programmes. On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of German reunification, the Retrospective with its wealth of tradition is going to be addressing the new, post-1990 borders in Europe. The Country Focus sheds light on the booming documentary film landscape in South Korea – a nation in which reunification seems inconceivable at the present time. (...)


03/2015, 09.09.2015

Films from 119 countries want to be at DOK Leipzig


Even web documentaries and virtual reality works have submitted entries this year


DOK Leipzig has viewed around 3,000 films for this year’s festival. Over the past months, scouts and festival staff were en route to film festivals all over the world to see them. In the end, roughly 150 films will make it into the Official Selection and will be able to be seen at movie theatres in Leipzig during the Festival Week from the 26th of October to the 1st of November.


Some 2,600 productions from 119 countries were officially submitted. The strongest representation comes from major documentary film countries such as France, Great Britain or the USA. On the other hand, films from Mali, Mauritania or Kyrgyzstan hope to reach the Official Selection at DOK Leipzig, too. (...)


01/2015, 15.04.2015

DOK Leipzig’s new artistic director 100 days in office


Leena Pasanen speaks for the first time about her plans for the film festival


DOK Leipzig will make some radical changes in content and structure under Leena Pasanen’s leadership. After 100 days in office the Finnish artistic director has revealed the first details of her plans for the long-established festival. Most substantially, the division between documentary and animated films in the competitions will be abol-ished. “It is a bold move, but this is how I see DOK Leipzig - fresh and bold,” says Pasanen. “The international competition among festivals is fierce. We want to stand out with our cutting-edge approach to storytelling and our unpredictable programming. We will have a festival that is surprising its audience every year.” The festival-programme with its 350 films and the events offered for professional visitors are furthermore to be linked more closely with regard to content and grouped under the 2015 leitmotif of “Borders and Identities”. (...)


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