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Journalists can use the pictures and logos below free of charge for their media coverage of DOK Leipzig. Information on copyright can be found in the respective picture galleries.

Film stills can be requested directly from us: presse [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de
All film stills may be used free of charge when covering DOK Leipzig. When publishing, please use “© DOK Leipzig 2020 / film title” as the photo credit unless otherwise stated in the image file.

Press Office

Maria Preußner 

presse [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de
+49 (0)341 30864-1070

Image Gallery
Festival Director Christoph Terhechte
copyright: DOK Leipzig 2019/ Susann Jehnichen
Nadja Tennstedt | DOK Industry
copyright: Anna Rozkosny
Award Ceremony of the Golden and Silver Doves 2020
copyright: DOK Leipzig 2020/ Susann Jehnichen
30/10 & 31/10/2020 Festival Impressions
copyright: DOK Leipzig 2020/ Susann Jehnichen
29/10/2020 Festival Impressions
DOK Neuland, DOK Leipzig in der Stadt, Q&A
28/10/2020 Festival Impressions
Passage Kinos, Grassi Museum, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Cinémathèque
27/10/2020 DOK Neuland Impressions
Tag 2 bei DOK Leipzig
27/10/2020 DOK Industry Impressions
Co-Pro Market, Prize, Online Guest Management
27/10/2020 DOK Leipzig at the Central Train Station
Central Train Station, Genius Loci
26/10/2020 Children (Live Q&A)
copyright: see photos
26/10/2020 Girls/Museum, Central Train Station
copyright: see photos
26/10/2020 Joy (Live Q&A)
copyright: see photos
Opening DOK Leipzig 2020
copyright: see photos
Festival Impressions 2019
copyright:see photos
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