62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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17/2017, 05.11.2017

Plenty of praise from the audience as DOK Leipzig anniversary edition closes

Pre-festival anniversary programme was a success


The 60th edition of DOK Leipzig has come to a close. The festival was a great success, with some 47,500 visitors attending film screenings and events over the week.

Six evenings of screenings in the Osthalle of Leipzig’s main train station, which were coordinated in conjunction with Promenaden Hauptbahnhof and - for the first time - the Deutsche Bahn, drew about 4,000 visitors. (...)

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Press Releases

16/2017, 04.11.2017

Romanian film by Ana Dumitrescu wins the Golden Dove in the International Competition (Long)

Leipzig co-production wins German Competition | Four prizes for “Wild Heart”


The Romanian-born filmmaker Ana Dumitrescu has won the prestigious Golden Dove in the International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film, granted by the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR). In “Licu, a Romanian Story” (“Licu, o poveste românească”), the former photojournalist films Liviu Canţer, aka Licu, as he shares his memories of the 20th century and all its extremes. (...)

15/2017, 30.10.2017

DOK Leipzig’s anniversary edition opens

Festival director Leena Pasanen announces quota for female filmmakers in the German competition | Prof. Monika Grütters highlights importance of documentary film


Some 700 people attended the opening of DOK Leipzig on Monday (30 October) at Leipzig’s CineStar. Festival director Leena Pasanen, German Minister of Culture and Media Prof. Monika Grütters, Saxon State Minister for Science and the Arts Dr. Eva-Maria Stange and Leipzig Deputy Mayor for Cultural Affairs Dr. Skadi Jennicke all gave speeches. (...)

14/2017, 24.10.2017

DOK Leipzig has a new supporter: DREFA

21 prizes will be awarded in the closing ceremony | prize money amounts to 73,500 euros

DREFA is supporting DOK Leipzig for the first time. The firm will help to implement DOK Exchange, an event that connects the makers of documentary and animated films with people from the transmedial sector in order to develop new projects. DREFA Media Holding GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of MDR. (...)

13/2017, 12.10.2017

New wave star in DOK Leipzig jury

In addition to Anne Clark, Heddy Honigmann and Jay Rosenblatt to feature among total of 38 jurors


World-famous new wave musician Anne Clark is joining DOK Leipzig as a jury member. Together with renowned filmmaker Heddy Honigmann, who has been linked to the festival for many years, and producer Luciano Rigolini, she will be judging the feature-length films in the International Competition. (...)

12/2017, 10.10.2017

Milo Rau, Shelly Silver and Kamal Swaroop are premiering in Leipzig


The Official Selection of this year's anniversary edition of DOK Leipzig is final. 113 films will enjoy their world or international premieres at the festival – a record-breaking number for a second year running. A total of 166 films and interactive works have made it into the Official Selection. (...)

11/2017, 04.10.2017

Kindergarten crime story set in Munich to open DOK Leipzig

"Betrug" ("Betrayal") by David Spaeth celebrates world premiere at festival


The 60th edition of DOK Leipzig opens on 30 October with David Spaeth's documentary "Betrug" ("Betrayal"). It tells the story of a conman whose pleasure in deceiving others veers into criminal practices. At the same time the film subtly questions the middle-class way of thinking in terms of status and the pressure of having to belong. (...)

10/2017, 28.09.2017

DOK Industry launches short film pitch for first time

Panelists at pitch to include representatives from The New York Times Op-Docs and The Guardian | Around 75 industry events in total


DOK Industry will present some 75 events at this year's festival. In the week from 30 October until 5 November we are expecting around 2000 industry professionals, developing and financing new film projects as well as seeking out distribution partners and networking opportunities. (...)

09/2017, 26.09.2017

Anniversary Programme: DOK Leipzig is turning 60!

Three pre-festival events | During the festival itself a performance by Jürgen Kuttner and films made by festival co-founder Karl Gass


To celebrate its 60th edition, DOK Leipzig has compiled a three-day pre-festival anniversary programme. There will also be several other anniversary events during the festival itself from 30 October to 5 November. In an evening performance (Wednesday, 1.11. at UT Connewitz), the solo theatre performer and entertainer Jürgen Kuttner will present extracts from films and television programmes and provide a sharp-tongued commentary reflecting his unique sense of observation. (...)

07/2017, 14.09.2017

DOK Co-Pro Market receives record number of submissions

New project by Heddy Honigmann among selection | Live blogging by internationally renowned online community The D-Word for the first time


35 film projects have been selected for the 13th DOK Co-Pro Market and they will all have the chance to find international co-production and financing partners at the beginning of the festival in Leipzig. Some 350 projects were submitted for the DOK Co-Pro Market, around 100 more than last year, taking the number of submitted film projects to a new record high. During the DOK Co-Pro Market on 30th and 31st October, for the first time there will be live blogging by The D-Word, the leading online community for the international documentary film industry. (...)

06/2017, 07.09.2017

Special Programme films: What comes after the fear?

The selection of around 170 films includes works by Agnès Varda, Rithy Panh and Milo Rau | A short by Jay Rosenblatt about Trump's US


The films of this year's DOK Leipzig Special Programmes, which make up the festival alongside the Official Selection, have been set. The theme Nach der Angst (Post-Angst) runs through all six. In its 60th anniversary edition, DOK Leipzig is exploring the extent to which the art of film can open up new prospects for the future in view of current political events and the erosion of democratic values. Sixty years into its own existence and 100 years after the October Revolution, the festival is also asking what happens after fear and what creative potential the phenomenon holds. (...)

05/2017, 13.06.2017

The Leipziger Ring film prize returns to DOK Leipzig

Once again, the Stiftung Friedliche Revolution will reward films about human rights, democracy and civic action


After a one-year break, the Stiftung Friedliche Revolution (the Peaceful Revolution Foundation in Leipzig) will once again be awarding the Leipziger Ring film prize as part of DOK Leipzig, which takes place in the autumn. The 2,500 euro prize will honour a documentary film about human rights, democracy and civic action. From 2010 to 2015, the prize was awarded annually but the foundation had to break with this tradition last year because of a lack of funds. The response of dismay encouraged the foundation and DOK Leipzig to re-launch the prize. (...)

04/2017, 02.05.2017

DOK Leipzig's anniversary edition's theme is 'Nach der Angst' (Post-Angst)

It runs through the Special Programmes and is also linked to the festival's history


In its 60th anniversary edition, which will be taking place against a backdrop of political polarisation and the erosion of democratic values across the world, DOK Leipzig will propose forward-thinking strategies for art and politics. The leitmotif of this year's festival is Nach der Angst (Post-Angst) and also runs through the Special Programmes. Taking place as it is 100 years after the October Revolution, the Retrospective will be about totalitarian regimes' filmic strategies for the representation of power after 1917. (...)

03/2017, 22.03.2017

DOK Leipzig's Selection Committee is complete

With Ralph Eue as chair, five more film experts will decide on the festival's Official Selection


The film journalist Carolin Weidner will be joining DOK Leipzig's Selection Committee this year. Since finishing her film studies, Weidner has written for Spiegel Online and die tageszeitung (taz) as well as other publications. She became a board member of the German Film Critics Association this year. Weidner also works at the Institute for Art in Context at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. The Selection Committee, which from this year onwards, will be chaired by the film journalist, lecturer and curator Ralph Eue (a member since 2007), is now complete. (...)

02/2017, 03.03.2017

Call for Entries for the 60th edition of DOK Leipzig starts today


From now on, documentaries, animated films and animated documentaries of all lengths as well as interactive works can be submitted to the 60th edition of DOK Leipzig. The festival is looking for strong artistic handwriting, intriguing points of view and works that bring their genres to the next level. The submitted film may be nominated for one of the festival’s six prestigious competitions and several special awards with a total prize money of up to 75,000 euros. Additionally, DOK Leipzig is a qualifying festival for both, the ACADEMY AWARDS© and the European Film Awards. (...)

01/2017, 08.02.2017

DOK Leipzig has a new programmer and new selection committee members

The programmer Ralph Eue is also the new head of the film festival’s selection committee


DOK Leipzig is making some staff changes in the programming department in 2017, the year of its 60th edition. The curator, lecturer and film publicist Ralph Eue is taking over as programmer and head of the selection committee. In the past, he ran press relations at the Tobis Filmkunst distribution company and worked as an advisor for the Berlinale. He has been a curator and selection committee member at DOK Leipzig since 2007. Aside from his festival work, he also teaches film history and film theory at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (DFFB). (...)