62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Distinguished Festival Guests: The Brothers Quay Come to DOK Leipzig

Three Special Programmes on animated films | Special Programme Line-Up Confirmed | Jürgen Kuttner returns

The Brothers Quay, masters of stop-motion and puppet animation, are distinguished guests at this year’s edition of DOK Leipzig. In the Brothers Quay night*footnotes they’ll personally give the audience a glimpse of their creative work. In the Special Programme Potentiae Materialis: Homage Brothers Quay, DOK Leipzig will be showing a selection of the artistic duo’s ethereal, sometimes creepy, but always striking works. Part of the programme will consist of a series of films that the brothers have been given carte blanche to curate themselves. In addition, the Brothers Quay have contributed this year’s festival trailer.


The brothers’ works have earned them invitations to notable international festivals (to Cannes, for example, for IN ABSENTIA) as well as numerous awards. Deeply fascinating and disturbing, their films often explore the boundary between waking life and the world of dreams. The brothers’ oeuvre is pervaded by adaptations of literary works, such as by Robert Walser (INSTITUTE BENJAMENTA, OR THIS DREAM PEOPLE CALL HUMAN LIFE). They have often collaborated with some of the big names in contemporary music, such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, and have produced numerous music videos, such as for Sparklehorse, 16 Horsepower and Peter Gabriel. Their best-known fans include director Christopher Nolan, who made the short film QUAY about the brothers in 2015.


Other sides of the world of animated film present themselves in the works of multidisciplinary artists Brenda Lien (recipient of the 2018 German Short Film Prize in the area of experimental film) and Max Colson. Both combine varieties of animated film with documentary and experimental elements, and both have had films of theirs shown at DOK Leipzig. While Brenda Lien critically addresses the new media and social media phenomena (such as make-up tutorials and cat videos), Max Colson works with 3D visualizations and explores such subject areas as architecture and types of housing, nationality and identity, among others. In the Animation Perspectives programme, Lien and Colson will introduce each other’s work and discuss it with the audience.


Dialogue is also at the centre of the third Special Programme on animated film. Licht durch Finsternis. Der Mystiker Jakob Böhme und die Animation brings together fascinating works from 100 years of animated film. The starting point is the notion of Görlitz-born philosopher Jakob Böhme that light and darkness each require the other in order to exist. In this Special Programme, Estonian filmmaker and artist Mait Laas applies this idea to cinema as he contrasts eight animated films: four in the category of “Light”, four in the category of “Darkness”.


Once again, of course, there are also animated films for festivalgoers of all ages. Two of the four Kids DOK series present amusing and charming animated short films for children from the ages of 3 and 5. Two further series for children starting at ages 8 and 10 offer a selection of documentary and animated films whose protagonists are all children who share their lives with the audience.


All films and events that are part of the Special Pprogrammes already announced – including the Retrospective, the Country Focus and the Homage – have now been finalized. Included are films by Dominik Graf, Volker Koepp, Thomas Heise, Avi Mograbi, Lorelei Pepi, Goran Dević, Tan Pin Pin, Bill Morrison and Priit Pärn.


In addition, Jürgen Kuttner will once again present one of his popular film and video snippet performances. Titled In the Mirror the Image of the Enemy it targets his familiar cynical humour on speech fragments and images he’s found in East and West German broadcasts from the time when Germany was divided.


Altogether, DOK Leipzig is showing more than 300 films and interactive works this year. DOK Leipzig will announce the interactive works of DOK Neuland on 8 October and the Official Selection on 10 October.



You’ll find detailed information about all Special Programmes, including lists of films, here


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