62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Festival News


Symposium as Part of DOK Leipzig 2019

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The approach to protagonists is a fundamental challenge for documentary filmmakers. Directors often accompany people who lead them into foreign environments. But what happens when filmmakers portray people or groups who are completely opposed to their own value system? And how can this be dealt with in film? This is one of the topics to be addressed at DOK Leipzig 2019.


With a two-day symposium in autumn, DOK Leipzig intends to create additional space for debates. Under the title "Who Owns the Truth", this event will examine and discuss the various aspects of cinematic treatment of the political opponent.


Film professionals and visitors are invited to debate the topic on the basis of films, discussions and lectures: Which aesthetic-political strategies do documentary filmmakers pursue in dealing with people who oppose their personal world view? Who establishes rules? And how can a critical film be distinguished from an affirmative one?


“During the last few editions of the festival, there were heated debates about the ‘right’ approach for documentaries whose protagonists don’t share one’s own value system”, explains festival director Leena Pasanen. “These discussions were accompanied by the concern that filmmakers might be brought into direct association with their protagonists. What emerged is just how contested the truth really is. That’s why the title of the symposium will also be the motto of this year’s edition. We want to direct similar questions also at other films at the festival under the slogan ‘Who Owns the Truth?’ and discuss them in Q&As with the audience.”


 The programme of the symposium will be announced in September 2019. This event is supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).


More information about the symposium can be found in the press release.

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