DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Festival News


Doc Alliance Selection Award 2018

A theatre group during rehearsalsSrbenka, directed by: Nebojša Slijepčević

The Doc Alliance Selection Award 2018 goes to director Nebojša Slijepčević for his documentary Srbenka. Congratulations! The award ceremony was presented at the Festival de Cannes on Saturday, 12 May.

Srbenka follows the repercussions of the Yugoslav wars. In the winter of 1991, the war between Serbia and Croatia was under way and a Serbian girl Aleksandra was murdered in Zagreb, Croatia. One generation later, theatre director Oliver Frljić decided for a stage adaptation of the murder. The rehearsals soon turn into collective therapy while old wounds open.

Doc Alliance is a creative partnership by seven European documentary festivals founded in 2008 with the aim to advance, support and promote the European documentary genre. Along with DOK Leipzig, the Doc Alliance includes CPH:DOX (Denmark), Doclisboa (Portugal), Docs Against Gravity FF (Poland), FIDMarseille (France), Jihlava IDFF (Czech Republic) and Visions du Réel (Switzerland). Every year, each festival of the initiative nominates one film and a jury representative for the Doc Alliance Selection Award.

This year’s winner Srbenka by Nebojša Slijepčević has been nominated by Visions du Réel. DOK Leipzig nominated the documentary Granny Project by Bálint Révész, the film celebrated its world premiere in the Next Masters Competition at the 2017 festival edition. The further nominees were: Doel by Frederik Sølberg (nominated by CPH:DOX), Inside by Camila Rodríguez Triana (nominated by Doclisboa), Instant Dreams by Willem Baptist (Docs Against Gravity FF), Southern Belle by Nicolas Peduzzi (nominated by FIDMarseille) and The Limits of Work by Apolena Rychlkova (nominated by Jihlava IDFF).

Read more about the winning film on the Doc Alliance website

or watch an interview with director Nebojša Slijepčević on Youtube

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