62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Festival News


New Competition for Emerging Talents at DOK Leipzig 2018

Golden Doves at the DOK Leipzig award ceremony 2018

DOK Leipzig is getting a new competition this year. The Next Masters category is being expanded and will now, starting with this year’s edition of the festival, also include a competition for short documentary and animated films in addition to the Next Masters Competition for long documentary and animated films.


The new Next Masters Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film is endowed with a Golden Dove and corresponding prize money in the amount of 5,000 euros. The winning film in the already established Next Masters Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film will also continue to be rewarded with prize money in the amount of 10,000 euros. The prizes for both competitions for emerging filmmakers are made possible through funding by the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig.


“With the introduction of this structure, we are consciously placing a focus on the work of emerging filmmakers: We would like to support up-and-coming talents from the film industry even more with the new competition and are delighted that the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig has chosen to support us in this aim,” commented Leena Pasanen. “A lot of filmmakers start off their careers with short films, we want to reflect that in our new structure for the Next Masters competitions. In addition, this enables the short film to continue to gain more significance within our programme.”


As a consequence of this move, the Next Masters Jury will also be expanding: instead of a single juror as in the past, in the future three jury members will determine the winning films in both Next Master competitions.


In total, this means that DOK Leipzig 2018 will be awarding Golden Doves in six competition categories:


  • International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film
  • International Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film
  • German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film
  • German Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film
  • Next Masters Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film
  • Next Masters Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film


In the scope of these changes, the International Competition for Animated Documentary will be merged into the other competitions. Animated documentary films will compete for the Golden Doves from this year on within the International, German and Next Masters competitions for long and short films.


On the elimination of the Animadoc competition category, Leena Pasanen stated: “We have observed that genre boundaries are becoming increasingly fluid in the film industry and artists want to transcend categorisation. We dedicated a special Golden Dove to animated documentary cinema in the Official Selection in 2013, in order to push its further development. Now it is simply time to do justice in all of our competitions to the multi-hued matter-of-factness with which these hybrid forms are employed. We are banking on the fact that Animadoc, without any explicit designation from this point on, will shake up and enrich all of our competitions.”


In addition to the six Golden Doves, numerous other distinctions are awarded within the Official Selection, which aside from the competitions also encompasses the International Programme. The prize money amounts to a total value of up to 75,000 euros.


It is still possible to submit films for the entire Official Selection as well as interactive works for the DOK Interactive programme until 7 July. 

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