Three colorful female figures stand close together in a flame. One of the figure holds a flame in her hand.

DOK Neuland 2023: Resignation Is Not an Option

“The world is constantly changing, but its discouraging structures remain,” says Lars Rummel, the curator of the exhibition presented this year under the title “Nowhere Is Only Somewhere”. The ten selected extended reality works throw down the gauntlet once again in the knowledge of the feat of strength that every utopia requires. They address war, colonialism and repression, also as patriarchal and heteronormative abuses of power. But they don't stop there, they invite everyone to open up to others, share thoughts and form collective identity.

DOK Neuland takes place from 10.10. to 15.10. at the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig (MdbK) and is open to the public free of charge. The exhibition takes place with thanks to Lars Rummel (curation), Marie Hinkelmann and Johanna Gerlach (production). As with previous years, the scenography was created in collaboration with artist Paula Gehrmann.

“DOK Neuland does not offer to contemplate in immersive worlds. Instead, we call for exiting the matrix in our minds,” says Lars Rummel. The audience is invited to witness, to feel community, and to take collective responsibility for ensuring that no fate is forgotten. “In the end, despite everything and perhaps because we have little left to stand on, we remain hopeful.”

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