Collage of two drawings. Both show female faces.

Exploring Perspectives in Animation Art

With the dialogue format “Animation Perspectives” and the film series “Beyond Animation”, we invite you to discover different facets of animation at DOK Leipzig 2023.

“Animation Perspectives”: One workshop, two approaches to art

This year we could win the multiple award-winning animation artists Anne Isensee and Michelle Brand for our section “Animation Perspectives”. We are looking forward to the workshop discussion with them, when they introduce their work and vision to each other and the audience. Whether a “Megatrick”, a choreography of lifelines or suggestions on how to dance the compromise out of the world - worlds are taken apart and redrawn her. Save the date: 12 October, 21:00 at Passage Kinos.

“Beyond Animation”: Home as a safe place or a source of danger

“Home – Floor Plan, Elevation & Life” is the title under which the “Beyond Animation” film series will present animated film as the perfect medium for portraying “home” as an elusive place. “Home” is so much more than a place on a map.

To depict this “somewhere”, the artists behind the films in the “Beyond Animation” series use a variety of techniques. These range from digital matte paintings and cross-fading, to stop-motion, to hallucinatory and intoxicating images, which gleefully comb conventional associations against the grain.

“The architecture of ‘home’ is not functional but emotional,” André Eckhardt – curator of the series – concludes. “It is built upon imagination, misfortune and fortune.”

Read more about the art of animation at DOK Leipzig 2023 in our press release. Tickets will be available from 21 September.