DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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German Subtitles and Accessibility

DOK Leipzig is working to make the festival as accessible as possible. Accessibility means enabling all people access to rooms, events, information and services. Although DOK Leipzig is dependent on the infrastructure of the festival's different venues, it does its absolute best to provide access.


In DOK Leipzig's case, inclusion means enabling people with very different living situations and conditions to be able to watch and discuss films together.


Many of the cinemas have wheelchair access. You can find all information about the accessibility of our festival cinemas here. Please reserve wheelchair spots by calling the ticket hotline.


Thanks to the apps GRETA and STARKs, people who are blind, partially-sighted, visually-impaired, deaf or hard of hearing can also take part in the festival. GRETA is an app that provides an audio description so that visually-impaired people can follow what is happening in a film. STARKS is an app that provides subtitles for the dialogue, as well as written descriptions of any music or sounds. All audio descriptions and SDH-subtitles will be provided in German. The list with the festival films you can use the apps GRETA and STARKS with is available here.


Most films at DOK Leipzig are shown in their original version with English subtitles. However, for a selection of films, the STARKS app - which provides subtitles for people who are hard of hearing - will also enable viewers who do not understand the film's original language or English to access German subtitles. Please download the app if you would like to read German subtitles.



Registered disabled people are eligible for discounts. A person accompanying a registered disabled person with "B" in their identity documents is entitled to a free ticket.




For further information about accessibility and inclusion please contact:

Gerald Schuster

+49 (0)341 30864-1020 or

+40 (0)1575 1025809 



Which cinemas can I access with a wheelchair?

All CineStar cinemas offer seating for two wheelchairs.However, for the opening event on October 30, these seats will unfortunately not be available. In Passage Kinos the screening rooms "Astoria" and "Wintergarten" each offer seating for one wheelchair. Similarly, Cinémathèque Leipzig is wheelchair accessible.


Please reserve wheelchair spots by calling the ticket hotline.



What are audio descriptions?

Audio descriptions are intended for blind and visually-impaired people. They use few words to describe what is happening in the film between dialogues and to give an impression of the visuals. Thus, the film becomes an audio play that can be understood without the visual element. All audio descriptions are in German and can be accessed via the free app GRETA. Please click here to find out how to download and use the app.



What are SDH-subtitles?

SDH subtitles ("Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing") – describe subtitles which, in contrast to normal subtitles, also include non-lingual sound information such as music and sound effects in addition to dialogue. The term ‘deaf and hard-of-hearing’ is misleading, as such subtitles are not only useful to the hearing-impaired – they are useful for anybody who might want to access the German subtitles of a film.



How can I access German subtitles?

For a selection of films, the STARKS app - which provides subtitles for people who are hard of hearing - will also enable viewers who do not understand the film's original language or English to access German subtitles. Please download the app if you would like to read German subtitles.



Are there cinemas with induction loops for my hearing aid or cochelea implant (CI)?

The cinema Astoria at Passage Kinos has induction loops available from seats 12-15 (approximately 40-50 seats).


What do I need in order to use the induction loops?

Your hearing aid or CI needs a telecoil, which will receive the electromagnetic signal from the induction loop.


Are the Q&As with the filmmakers also available for the hearing-impaired and deaf?

Yes. In cases where the films are marked with an Icon SDH subtitles – which are screened with subtitles for the hearing-impaired or deaf – and the filmmakers are also present, the screening will be followed by a conversation with them. At ten screenings, ample translators will be available in order to make a simultaneous translation in German sign language. Find the dates here (in German).





Where do I get the GRETA and STARKS apps?

The apps are free and available at Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store. A one-time registration is necessary.


How do the apps work?

Once you have downloaded the app GRETA/STARKS, a one-time registration is necessary. Once registered, you will see all the films with subtitles listed on the interface. You simply have to download the audio description/subtitle packet for the correct film. DOK Leipzig films are made easily recogniseable with the DOK Leipzig logo.


Once inside the screening room, you will not need the internet. The app synchronise automatically to the film’s soundtrack. For this reason, it is important to authorise the app's access to your microphone. When the film begins, simply start playing the audio description/subtitles, and they will automatically synchronise themselves to the film.


Which operating system supports the apps GRETA and STARKS?

The apps GRETA and STARKS are available for all smartphones and tablets running IOS 7.0 or later, and Android 4.0 or later. The Window CE operating system does not support the apps.


How can I listen to an audio description?

Headphones are necessary.



How long does the synchronisation take?

Depending on ambient sound, the synchronisation can take up to one minute.


How do I read the subtitles?

The smartphone can be easily held horizontally in front of you, making for easy reading. The size of the surtitles can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons.


DOK Leipzig will be providing some smartphone mounts that can be attached to the drinks holders in the cinemas.


Will the display disturb the audience members?

No. The screen of the app emits almost no light because the background is black, apart from the text, which is white.


Do the apps cost money?

The apps GRETA and STARKS are available free of charge.


What if I don’t have access to a smartphone?

DOK Leipzig has a number of smartphones available for use. The Festival Counter in CineStar and in Passage Kinos can loan you a smartphone, provided you present an identity card which we will hold as security for the duration of the loan. These devices have the subtitles for each film pre-loaded. The smartphones are only for use within the festival cinemas.



How much hard disk space do I need to install the app?

The app requires 5.7MB of storage space. A single subtitle file requires a maximum of 0.5 MB, ensuring that it is even accessible over poor connections.


Do the cinemas have internet?

Yes. WLAN access is available in the entrance areas of the cinemas, allowing the loading of the app or subtitle files in the foyer area. In the screening rooms themselves, there is no guarantee of WLAN access – with (as also in the entry area) normal internet availability dependent on your communications provider.


How do I know which films have German subtitles, and which have SDH subtitles?

Please list with the accessible films here.


All films in the festival which offer audio description are marked with the symbol Icon for audio description in the Filmfinder, as well as in the Festival Programme and each cinema's Programme Overview.


All films in the festival which offer German subtitles are marked with the symbol Icon for German subtitles in the Filmfinder, as well as the Festival Programme and each cinema’s Programme Overview.


All films which offer extended SHD subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired are marked with the symbol Icon for SDH subtitles.