Focus on Animation

Focus on Animation

Festival Friday at DOK Industry 2023 was dedicated to the art and industry of animated films.


Ein Volunteer überreicht einer Frau im Publikum ein Mikrofon.
Fri, 13 October, 11:00–12:30, Propsteikirche St. Trinitatis
animation@DOK Leipzig – Challenge Feature-Length Film

Feature-length animated films place their own demands on the creative process as well as on funding. The new competition for animated films at DOK Leipzig challenges us to take a fresh look at the longer form. How does the approach differ from making an animated short film? 

A woman on a stage speaks into a microphone.
Fri, 13 October, 14:00–15:30, Propsteikirche St. Trinitatis
AG Animationsfilm – Diversity: Less Talk, More Action!

Despite years of discussion, there has been little concrete action in terms of diversity in the industry.  We discussed how diversity can be part of animated films and their production. Our aim was to go beyond talking and to see diversity implemented in films, in production and beyond.

Two persons sit opposite at a table and talk.
Fri, 13 October, 16:30–18:00
Meet the Experts: Meetings – Animation Meets Doc

Expand your network, promote your upcoming projects and films, and get connected for future projects and collaborations.

Four persons pose together in front of a DOK Leipzig logo banner.
Fri, 13 October, 18:30–19:30, Festival Centre
Get Together Animation

Let’s connect – friends and colleagues are fun! Join us and accredited guests for a drink at the Get Together hosted by AG Animationsfilm – Animation Association Germany, AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association, ASIFA Germany (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation / the International Animated Film Association), DIAF – German Institute for Animated Film.

Franka Sachse and Tess Martin sit at a small coffee table and talk into microphones.
Fri, 13 October, 20:30–22:30, Schaubühne Lindenfels
Animation Night

InBetweens – Meeting and Celebrating Tess Martin

Tess Martin’s poetic stories about belonging, identity and loss ring with echoes of autobiographical experiences. She is present in every single frame of her animated films, leaves fingerprints, edges of shadows, traces of work. The artist invited us to follow those traces with her – in an exclusive commented show of her works.

Film Programme

Ein vollbesetztes Kino bei einer Filmvorführung. Die Leinwand strahlt helles, weißes Licht über die Köpfe der Zuschauer*innen.
9 – 15 October, various venues
International Competition Animated Film

We are delighted to be introducing our new competition section for animated film. The International Competition Animated Film features films of all lengths and is endowed with two Golden Doves – one for short and one for feature-length works. 

Collage aus zwei Zeichnungen. Beide zeigen weibliche Gesichter.
Thu, 12 October, 21:00–22:30, Passage Kinos Wintergarten
Animation Perspectives: Anne Isensee_Michelle Brand

In the beginning was the line. Anne Isensee and Michelle Brand generate intricate paths from it, philosophise through the medium of drawing. In DOK Leipzig’s dialogue series “Animation Perspectives,” their films met, their views on the artistic possibilities of animation crossed – in direct exchange with each other and the audience.

Eine Frau blickt aus einem Fenster.
11 – 12 October, Passage Kinos Wintergarten
Beyond Animation: Home – Floor Plan, Elevation & Life

Every emotion, every formative experience is anchored to a place. That place is usually called “home.” What is it made of, how does it protect or become a danger itself, how can it be the most beautiful place for some and the most terrible place for others? “Beyond Animation” undertook a site visit – in films that design spaces of possibilities.

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