Several persons (women and men) are sitting around a big table. One person is talking, the others are listen and smile.

DOK Industry Programme 2023 is now online

We are thrilled to announce that our DOK Industry Programme 2023 is now online! Explore all events of the complete Industry Programme in our Industry Timetable or see the A-Z overview here

This year’s Industry Programme opens on 9 October with a panel on the current state of independent Belarusian documentary cinema and the challenges filmmakers face, with the participation of the recently launched Belarusian Independent Film Academy (BIFA).

Among other highlights of the Industry Programme is Short n’ Sweet (11 October), our short film pitching event. DOK Archive Market will take place on 12 October, featuring an exciting programme on archival research and production, including one-on-one consultations with archival researchers and producers.  

Want to join us in Leipzig this year? You can still get accreditations at the regular rate until 30 September. Last-minute accreditation requests are possible until the end of the festival with an extra fee.