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HOMO DIGITALIS – Wie lange sind wir noch Mensch?

60 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Andreas Martin, Dietmar Lyssy, Marcus Uhl
Christiane Miethge, Nils Otte
Kyrill Ahlvers, Tenzin Sherpa
Tim Sprado
Anna Hunger
Dagmar Petrus, Maik Siegle
Helen Fares
Thomas Sessner, Mustafa Isik (BR), Katja Ferwagner, Katja Dünnebacke, Aurélie Marx, Annina Zwettler (ARTE), Siegfried Steinlechner (ORF)
Miriam Mogge, Bernd Paulus, Max Karadeniz
Benny Nero
Phuoc Le, Lena Fischer
Christiane Miethge
Bernd Paulus, Phuoc Le, Lena Fischer
Anna Hunger, Sven Schulz
We live in times of upheaval. More and more technical innovations are part of our everyday life. But how dependent do we want to be? Or are we already addicted? Will there be a time when we have nothing but digital friendships, sex with robots, when we hack our own bodies? The transmedia project “HOMO DIGITALIS” consists of a documentary web series and a self testing game. How does the digital revolution affect us human beings? Does it turn Homo sapiens into a new species – Homo digitalis?