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Looking for Horses

Looking for Horses
Stefan Pavlović
Doc Alliance Selection 2021
Documentary Film
Bosnia & Herzegovina,
88 minutes

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Stefan Pavlović
Koštana Banović
Eyal Sivan
Anna Berthollet
Sabine Groenewegen
Stefan Pavlović
Karsten Fundal
Stefan Pavlović
Stefan Pavlović

Two men by themselves: Zdravko, a war veteran with a hearing impairment who lives as a fisherman in the wilderness, and Stefan, a director with Bosnian roots who has forgotten his mother tongue. The unlikely friendship develops against a both sparse and mysterious background. For while Stefan superimposes his thoughts in text form on the shots, Zdravko sends sounds into the depth with a wooden stick. They are meant to attract catfish that make their rounds in a lake. In the process, the two men summon each other, so to speak, bring to light what was buried, fraternize, overcome inner barriers.

Carolin Weidner
Sense and Being