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Tadhg O’Sullivan
Clare Stronge
Heino Deckert
Clare Stronge
Sara Ross-Samko
Amanda Feery
Feargal Ward
Michael Walsh
Apal Singh
Margaret Salmon
Peter Rubi
Sam Hamilton
Ian Powell
Ben Mullen
Clare Stronge
Jimmy Gimferrer
Lorenzo Gattorna
Joshua Bonnetta
Scott Barley
Tadhg O’Sullivan
Linda Buckley
To the Moon is a beautiful and poetic cinematic ode to our moon. Made primarily from international cinematic archive, in combination with literary fragments and original moonlit cinematography filmed across five continents, To The Moon steps lightly through the ages and ideas that people have drawn from the moon to create a meditative work of timeless resonance.
Animation Perspectives 2020
Media Name: 0f4920cb-63c3-446a-991e-ac69bfba4678.jpg
Venetian Snares: Szamár Madár David OReilly
A computer animated music clip to dark breakcore beats celebrates effects and mysticism. But suddenly the abrasions of a vulnerable digital DNA are revealed.