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International Programme 2017
You Won’t Come Back Here (or The Wind Is Lonely Without Me) Dmitri Makhomet

Almost entirely alone, an 89-year-old woman spends the summer months in her house in a Belorussian village.

You Won’t Come Back Here (or The Wind Is Lonely Without Me)

Documentary Film
76 minutes

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Dmitri Makhomet
Dmitri Makhomet
Dmitri Makhomet
Dmitri Makhomet
Summer in a Belarusian village. The media are broadcasting an imminent presidential election – news that might as well come from another galaxy. This 89-year-old woman spends her summer months here, in almost complete isolation, in a wooden house that looks uninhabited from the outside. The garden has run to seed, grass grows everywhere and urgently needs cutting so as not to attract the demolition squad. One or two houses in the village have already been demolished. But who cares? This spot seems to have vanished from the maps long ago. And yet the lady with the hunched back does her daily chores, washes the floors, pours honey from a big tin bucket into a glass, scrubs the white laundry in the garden. In between she rests on her bed, positioning herself so she can look out of the window: on the side. Dmitri Makhomet’s film is pure observation.

Carolin Weidner

Nominated for MDR Film Prize