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Next Masters Wettbewerb 2016
Sacred Water Olivier Jourdain

All women have it. But only the Rwandans know how to make it flow and give pleasure to the man and above all themselves … The female orgasm as a cultural technique.

Sacred Water

Documentary Film
55 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Michel Dutry
Olivier Jourdain
Bertrand Le Roy, Stéphane Grégoire
Christophe Rolin, Olivier Jourdain
Mélanie Le Clech, Mathieu Pierart
Guy Ndoli, Sébastien Wielemans
All women have it. Some say it’s a gift from God so they can give more pleasure to their husbands. Others believe the men are responsible for making the “sacred water” flow. In Rwanda everyone is sure that the white people don’t believe in it – and are really missing out here. It’s a tradition, a ritual, every woman’s secret. In mythological tales and enchantingly beautiful landscape shots director Olivier Jourdain looks for the superstructure of this mystery which is expressed in many intricate ways and turns out to be a thoroughly modern thing. The most beautiful thing in the world is discussed surprisingly frankly and confidently – along with gender relations.

Dusabe Vestine above all, a passionate radio show host, pursues a mission of making the “sacred water” a subject of public debate in her show. Nor is she afraid to travel the stony paths through the villages to preach her own Rwandan practice: a miracle only women can achieve. If you have associated Africa only with Aids, lack of contraception, genital mutilation and the suppression of women so far, you will be disabused by this film. The Occident, so proud of its enlightenment, has a lot to learn from Rwanda.

Cornelia Klauß