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Domestic Karaoke

Documentary Film
35 minutes

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Inès Rabadán
Inès Rabadán
Alice Vande Voorde, Vera Cavallin
Olan Bowland
Inès Rabadán
Inès Rabadán
Thibaut Darscotte
A documentary experiment: six women, three housemaids and three employers, who discuss housework and hierarchies, respect and social status, habits and dreams in front of different-coloured backgrounds (red, blue and yellow). Fragmented tales of work and family circumstances make the viewer create their own montage in their heads. Biographies crystallize in front of their inner eye.
All six women, aged between 35 and 64, are played by the filmmaker Inès Rabadán herself. Costumes and masks are identical, so the women whose stories we share are neither marked as representatives of their class (or profession) nor as individual personalities. We hear (and experience!) only their voices and see the actor-director’s magnificent appropriation of their respective personalities through lip-synching and miming. It seems as if Inès Rabadán translated Brecht’s theoretical scepticism of the reliability of simple documentary representation into visual practice: “A recording of the Krupp works or AEG yields almost nothing about these institutes. Actual reality has slipped into the functional. To achieve truth, something must be constructed, something artificial, staged.”

Ralph Eue