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Life to Come 360° – Through the Eyes of a Premature Baby

9 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Cédric Bonin, Pascaline Geoffroy, Anton Iffland Stettner
Fouzi Louahem
Aïdan Obrist
Christophe Reynaud
Fouzi Louahem, Claudio Capanna
Yann-Elie Gorans
Sabine Lange (ARTE), Sophie Berque (RTBF interactive), Mohamed El Mongy (Aljazeera), Isabelle Christiaens (RTBF)
Jean-François Martin, Emilie Maréchal, Blanche Giraud-Beauregardt, Fred Cacheux, Coline Wauters
We don’t remember the first days of our life, especially the ones right after birth. Suddenly we’re in the world – the first vague memories of some day, somewhere emerge. Our long term memory only starts to develop in the second year of our life. The beginning of life remains a dim hole in our memory. With “Life to Come 360°” audiences can enter the virtual reality of a neonatal ward and experience life there from the point of view of a preemie. The docu-fiction is part of the “ARTE360” app.

Lars Rummel