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Documentary Film
23 minutes

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Srđan Keča
Srđan Keča
Srđan Keča
Jelena Maksimović
Davor Keča, Jakov Munižaba
Three women on the run. Srđan Keča portrays individual lives on the background of a struggle for survival within the same basic structure. Danijela, Elvira, and Galiba are Roma, each of them suffering in her own way in the patriarchal environment she grew up in and trying to escape from preconceived patterns.
At the start we see Danijela as an open-minded girl who plays football and has ambitious goals for the future. But suddenly she runs away from home and stays away from school – she has married out of the blue. Her mother and teachers are at a loss, horrified and sad, but powerless. Elvira, on the other hand, is a struggling single mother. After she was deserted by the father of the child she wants to give her daughter a better future. Education is the most important factor to help disrupt the cycle of violence and poverty. Galiba, the third woman, is desperately trying to break away from a life that has nothing to offer but oppression and abuse. Very slowly she manages to regain a certain degree of dignity and self-respect.
This film was supported by the NGO CARE that aids the integration and self-determination of Roma in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Lina Dinkla