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International Programme 2018
Elections Alice Riff

So much for political apathy! The student council elections at a school in São Paulo demonstrate the strains of politics and the temptations of populism – and how to resist them.


Documentary Film
101 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Alice Riff, Heverton Lima
Alice Riff
Vinicius Berger
Yuri Amaral
Alice Riff, Vanessa Fort
Marina Bruno, Daniel Turini, Fernando Henna
It’s best to learn about the workings (and snags) of democracy by practicing it. At a public high school in São Paulo, the elections for the student council are coming up. Various teams compete for the best ideas, the coolest campaign poster and the most votes. It’s vital not to be carried away by populist actions and to put personal interest aside. Just like in “big” politics, the candidates walk the line between honest commitment and superficial show effects in election debates. But the sudden appearance of the police at the school gates instantly makes it clear how important it is that the students are able to speak with one voice.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann

Nominated for the Young Eyes Film Award