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Cross Media Screening 2013
A Journal of Insomnia

The world of insomnia as an interactive self-experience. Personal stories and staged encounters form a psychological profile of Western society. Intimate, but also disturbing.

A Journal of Insomnia

Documentary Film
45 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Hugues Sweeney
What is it, what keeps us up at night? The interactive documentary looks into this question inviting users to immerse in the universe of insomnia – a phenomenon that is linked to stress and anxiety and affects one in three people in our contemporary society. Moving beyond the narrative boundaries of the documentary form, “A Journal of Insomnia” collects personal stories of insomnia via video, text and drawings and creates a collaborative experience of affected people from across the world. The revealing testimony of four insomniacs in particular offers an intimate experience of a distressing condition that is usually experienced in solitude.