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Gulîstan, Land of Roses

Documentary Film
86 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Sarah Mannering, Fanny Drew, Yanick Létourneau (Périphéria), Mehmet Aktaş (Mîtosfilm), Nathalie Cloutier (NFB), Denis McCready (NFB)
Zaynê Akyol
Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux
Étienne Roussy
Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
Zaynê Akyol
Olivier Calvert
Zaynê Akyol follows female PKK fighters in the Kurdish territories of Iraq and Syria to take a nuanced look at the guerrilla war. In between focused preparations for their missions against Isis the women take time for personal hygiene, laugh and celebrate exuberantly with their male comrades.

The protagonists, always at the centre of the frame, talk openly about their fears and ideals. They have taken a life decision – out of conviction. But one that also brings grief.

Lina Dinkla