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A Sister’s Song

Documentary Film
91 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Danae Elon, Paul Cadieux
Danae Elon
Peter Venne
Danae Elon, Itamar Mendes Flohr
Vincent Guignard, Alexandre Leblanc
Danae Elon
Benoît Dame
Marina and Tatiana moved from Russia to Israel with their family as children. Being immigrants, their arrival in the new country wasn’t easy. This back story resonates in their search for models and identity. The narrative focuses on Marina. As an adolescent her younger sister Tatiana followed her spiritual father to a strict Orthodox convent in Greece. That was twenty years ago. They last saw each other four years ago. Since then, Marina has more and more gained the impression that her sister is unhappy there, and she wants to get her back. But is she responsible for Tatiana’s happiness? How can you understand a close person’s decision that’s in conflict with your own position?

The Canada-based award-winning Israeli director and cinematographer Danae Elon returns once more to her home country for this film. Discretely and yet very much present, she watches the two sisters’ encounter, included only occasionally – but almost like an accomplice – in the protagonists’ conversation. Her tale of the sisters Marina and Tatiana is dramaturgically outstanding and innovative. “A Sister’s Song” – a film about love and loss and the art of following one’s inner voice.

Annina Wettstein