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The Ashes Remain Warm

Documentary Film
Cape Verde Islands,
20 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Christoph Manz, Mónica Martins Nunes
Mónica Martins Nunes
Izandro Fernandes Montrond
Mónica Martins Nunes
Mónica Martins Nunes
Mónica Martins Nunes
Tiago Cutileiro, Mónica Martins Nunes
Pico do Fogo is the name of a volcano on the Cap Verde Islands whose last eruption buried the small community of Chã das Caldeiras under lava. It came like a black flood and covered everything. What’s left is a metre-high blanket of intricate forms from which a few scattered roofs protrude. But the colours are gradually returning – new green as well as the people who refuse to leave the area.

Carolin Weidner

Golden Dove for best short documentary in the International Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film