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Documentary Film
18 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Santiago Álvarez
Leo Brouwer, Pablo Milanés
Norma Torrado, Idalberto Gálvez
José Pepìn Rodríguez, Adalberto Hernández
Santiago Álvarez
Santiago Álvarez
Lyndon B. Johnson, also known as L.B.J., politician of the Democratic Party of the United States of America, Vice President under John F. Kennedy and his successor after the latter was assassinated. L.B.J. was also responsible for the first deployment of American troops to Vietnam in 1965. A film about Lyndon B. Johnson then? No doubt, but rather indirectly. Directly, Santiago Álvarez’s film seems like a pop pamphlet about assassination as the ultima ratio of U.S. politics in the 1960s. And suddenly L.B.J. reads quite differently, with L like (Martin) Luther (King), B like Bobby (Kennedy) and J like John (F. Kennedy).

Ralph Eue


Documentary Film
21 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Valerie-Malin Schmid, KHM Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, EICTV
Valerie-Malin Schmid
Joel Jaffe, Mira Rachel Hanak
Natalia Medina Leiva, David Aguilera Cogollo, Valerie-Malin Schmid
Rita Schwarze, Valerie-Malin Schmid
Henning Hein, Janis Ahnert, Marek Forreiter, Matthias Rohde
Rambling through Havana, the Afro-Cuban poet Omar reflects on memories and farewells, patriotism and censorship, his mythical verses blending the past and the present. It is the portrait of a poet and of an isolated island state, recorded in seemingly timeless everyday observations in words and images, filmed on 16 mm stock.

Frederik Lang