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Mr Sand

8 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

The Animation Workshop
Soetkin Verstegen
Andrea Martignoni
The audience panicked when they saw the first moving images of a train arriving at a station. Pure immersive cinema. In her ingenious kaleidoscope, Belgian artist Soetkin Verstegen employs analogue animation film techniques to arrange reminiscences to early cinema as a world that enthralled audiences through fear, thrills and delight. Her tribute goes back to the horror stories, to the circus and the showmen who played their part in the invention of a cinema that may soon be gone.

Cornelia Klauß
International Programme 2016
What He Did Jonas Poher Rasmussen

A spectacular murder case: in 1988, Jens killed his boyfriend, a well-known writer. The reconstruction of a fatal amour fou, and questions of guilt and punishment.

What He Did

Documentary Film
62 minutes

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Jesper Jack
Jonas Poher Rasmussen
Nadim Carlsen
Anders Skov
Lasse Smith
Jonas Poher Rasmussen
Martin Dirkov
Crime story or love story? In 1988 Jens Michael Schau killed his life partner and fellow writer Christian Kampmann in the heat of passion. The media picked up the story because Christian was a famous writer in Denmark. Though Jens has long since served his sentence he still hides in his flat like a shy animal for fear of disturbing people by his mere presence. But the time has come for him, too: his story – the one behind the tragedy – must out. Protected by his own four walls Jens starts to engage with the camera, circling it hesitantly, always wary of himself. The director’s cautious questions from off-screen open a gateway to the past: an unconditional love which was also the psychology major’s coming out and the break with his conservative family.

The trip back through time to the liberal homosexual Copenhagen of the 70s and 80s ends in an emotional maelstrom of separation anxiety, jealousy and writer’s envy. Jens’s long overdue return to society plays out on two levels: the words he forces himself to say are reflected in the rehearsals for an autobiographical play. Jonas Poher Rasmussen in turn uses the actors to formulate his own questions about the subject: how can this story be told at all – and how do you live with it?

Lars Meyer