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Nothing Happens

Animated Film
12 minutes
_without dialogue / subtitles

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Marie Bro (Dansk Tegnefilm), Emmanuel-Alain Raynal (Miyu Productions)
Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot
Uri Kranot
Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot
Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot
Michelle Kranot, Juliette Viger, Marine Duchet
Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot
Sofie Birch, Thomas Ahlmark
We’re on the outskirts of a city – whether of the past or future is irrelevant. Despite the freezing cold a crowd of onlookers is slowly gathering. There’s a strange calm. Snow is falling silently, only the crows can be heard. What is there to see? What does it have to do with me? Michelle and Uri Kranot and a big team have explored the possibilities of Virtual Reality in this immersive project, for the disturbing theme “called for a form that involved the audience more”.

Nadja Rademacher