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Animated Film
12 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Miyu Productions
Martina Scarpelli
Amos Cappuccio, Sofie Birch
Albane du Plessix, Martina Scarpelli
Martina Scarpelli, Emmanuel Lantam, Timon Chapelon, Annalea Hartelius, Sarah Rothenberger, Marta Dziedzic, Joel Stenback, Laura Konradi Brodersen, Maria Sandvig Nielsen, Emma Vasile
Locked into a transparent cube that contains nothing but a fridge and a few angular objects, a skinny woman is confronted with an enemy: the soft, undefined form. It arrives in the shape of a chicken egg that the woman is supposed to eat, because that’s what her diet plan which commands her to gain weight says. The egg provokes desire and panic at the same time. Eating it is nothing less than the worst case scenario.

Carolin Weidner

Golden Dove in the International Competition Short Animated Film
Nominated for the Young Eyes Film Award