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International Programme 2015
Daddy's Girl Melisa Üneri

Melisa moves to Turkey to escape her domineering father. But Granny is already waiting – Daddy, ten times worse … A magnificent black comedy about reaching adulthood.

Daddy's Girl

Documentary Film
52 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Mika Ronkainen
Melisa Üneri
Olli Tuomainen
Melisa Üneri
Mesut Ulutas
Melisa Üneri
Esa Nissi
Granted, one doesn’t have to go to the movies to learn that families are a nuisance. But this film has more to offer. For example a family that is uniquely terrible in an almost made-for-the-movies way and gleefully plays this out for the camera. “Daddy’s Girl”, that’s the director, though everyone in this family wants to direct. Daddy himself most of all, a natural as a movie hero, rather exhausting as a father. A Turk who raised his daughter alone in Finland. (We will learn why he didn’t return home.) In order to escape his oppressive, dominant love, Melisa moves to the only place where Daddy is guaranteed not to follow her: Turkey. But that’s where Granny is waiting – Daddy, ten times worse. The family conflict is now exacerbated by a cultural conflict, because Granny knows exactly what respectable women should do and what they shouldn’t …

A brilliant black comedy full of cleverly observed and deployed details in which at least two of the three main protagonists are trying to make each other’s life hell according to every rule in the book of spitefulness. Behind all this is the question of how a generation whose parents removed every obstacle in their path can ever liberate themselves. In Istanbul Melisa meets angry young people whose Gezi protests are also directed against their parents’ generation.

Grit Lemke