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Next Masters Competition 2016
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Listen to the Silence Mariam Chachia

Little Luka lives in the silence of his body, but with the temperament of a hurricane. And he dances – the revue of the deaf in an enchanting fairytale.

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Listen to the Silence

Documentary Film
80 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Nik Voigt, Mariam Chachia, Nino Jincharadze
Mariam Chachia
Micheal Palmer
Hugues Landry, Nik Voigt, Tibo Motte
Celine Kelepikis
Mariam Chachia
Sebastian Zsemlye
This enchanting film about a school for deaf children somewhere in Georgia begins like a fairytale. And that’s how it should be. Sometimes we just need encouraging stories. Like Luka the dreamer’s, who has the temperament of a hurricane confined in the silence of his own body. A boy like Luka would probably be diagnosed as hyper-active and prescribed Ritalin here. In the Georgian back of beyond, however, the teachers say: “He misses his parents.” Or: “Boys will be boys, they have to fight sometimes.”

Georgian filmmaker Mariam Chachia chose a stunningly simple form for her tale of this unlikely place: a girl in a classroom paints pictures to illustrate texts written on the blackboard which describe how Luka feels. Between the chapters we see the school, the children, quarrels, Luka happy and unhappy, a little love story. And the silence. Suddenly all sounds fade out and we hear – a woolly nothing. The world of the children. Luka’s world. Then the sounds return to the screen and we see the dance of those who can’t hear music. Like a revue of the deaf.

Matthias Heeder

Golden Dove Next Masters Competition 2016;
Nominated for MDR Film Prize 2016