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International Programme 2018
Marble Homeland Menios Carayannis

Ingbert Brunk found in Naxos marble an object of love that has never lost its hold over him. This is a film about a partnership between man and stone.

Marble Homeland

Documentary Film
57 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Skapeta Films, Despina Papadima (Mind clip)
Menios Carayannis
Giorgos Katsanos
Menios Carayannis
Dimitris Giannakopoulos
Sculptor Ingbert Brunk has found the love of his life on Naxos: marble. He came to Greece in the eighties because he couldn’t and didn’t want to live in Germany any more. In his hands the marble becomes delicate and transparent, transformed into cushions or huge gingko leaves. He says he likes to be a stranger in a strange land, it makes him feel free. Brunk has a mysterious and self-sufficient aura, even one of wisdom, conveyed in his words about the artistic process and how suffering can be seen as a stage of creating. Brunk talks about failure and growing with his material, analyses the Greek and German mentality, believes one should not lose oneself in emotion, but not be taken in by logic and reason either. He’s looking for a balance that will flow into his work with the marble. Menios Carayannis films Ingbert Brunk with fascination and respect, almost infatuation.

Carolin Weidner