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International Competition 2015
The Longest Run Marianna Economou

Two boys from Syria and Iraq are waiting for a heavy punishment and a hopeless future in some Greek prison … Literally a refugee drama, heartbreaking.

The Longest Run

Documentary Film
77 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Spiros Mavrogenis, Rachel Manoukian, Daphne Panopoulos
Marianna Economou
Nikos Portokaloglou
Chronis Pechlivanidis, Giannis Misouridis
Chronis Theoharis
Marianna Economou
Chronis Pechlivanidis, Giannis Misouridis
Yasim and Alsaleh are underage refugees in a Greek prison. Coming from Syria and Iraq they were captured at the Turkish-Greek border as “illegals” and are now waiting for their trial. The charges against them are compounded by an additional serious accusation, that of having been human traffickers themselves. They were forced by threats of violence to guide a group of refugees across the border, while the smugglers stayed quietly in the background. If Yasim and Alsaleh are found guilty, they will face long prison sentences, the duration of which will be decided by the court.

Yasim is still virtually a child. He looks around with big, innocent eyes and literally understands nothing of what is happening to him. Alsaleh acts as his “big brother” and frequently helps him survive. Marianna Economou confidently weaves this narrative of two individual dramas into a universal phenomenon. Her film releases understanding and sympathy – inasmuch as after the hardships they suffered on their flight anyway you wish these boys only one thing: not to end up broken by a stone-hearted officer of justice. “The Longest Run” activates our hearts and minds – neither one without the other!

Ralph Eue

Honorary Mention in the International Competition 2015 and awarded with the Prize of the United Services Trade Union ver.di 2015