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Daughter’s Mother

Documentary Film
26 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

DocNomads European Masters, NoCut Film Collective
Arya Rothe
Arya Rothe
Arya Rothe
Arya Rothe
Isabella Rinaldi, Rudolf Várhegyi, Péter Attila
Ica is still in her prime, but fading. The 65-year-old lady, witty and with a dry sense of humour, increasingly stumbles over memory gaps, though the city offers her a safe banister through daily life. Her daughter Judit patiently tries to fit Ica’s care into her working life and village idyll. Via stops at a dice game, a furniture store and the “Café Alzheimer” she looks for a shared home suited to the different needs of two closely linked women.

André Eckardt