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Notes to My Father

11 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Amy Seidenwurm, Paula Cuneo, Joanne Sprague, Tiffany Kieran
Jayisha Patel
Jo Paterson
Dalton Gaudin
Quan Tran
Jayisha Patel
Vineet Vashishtha
Sneha Jawale
“We never talked about what happened to me there. But the truth is darker than any memory could be. So black that its silence haunts me. How do you go on living when you’ve played dead to escape reality for such a long time?”

This delicate 360-degree film takes us to India, into the life and memories of Ramadevi, a woman sold to sex traffickers under cover of an arranged marriage. She is one of the few who escaped the brothel and were reunited with their families. This piece is dedicated to her father, who gave away his daughter in the belief that he was giving her a better life.

DOK Neuland Audience Award