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International Programme 2013
Broken Record Parine Jaddo

An old pop song, a family, and the history of a country – a personal search for traces in Iraq and a subtle observation of a lost community of religions and ethnic groups.

Broken Record

Documentary Film
75 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Parine Jaddo, Rania Malas
Parine Jaddo
Omar Al Dewachy
Nadim Shartouny
Bilal Hibri
You never know what a broken record that’s also hard to find for a long time may be good for … For many years, the Iraqi-Lebanese filmmaker Parine Jaddo led a cosmopolitan existence in and between different countries and cultures. But after her mother’s death she travels to Kirkuk, where her once upper class intellectual family’s roots are, for a research project that is an interesting tangle of private, local, and geo-political contexts. On the surface, Jaddo is looking for a recording from the 1960s of her mother with the musician Dr. Mustafa and the Turkmen Brothers – as the band is called in the English subtitles. Increasingly, the filmmaker’s quest seems more like a stroll over the ruins of a nearly vanished piece of world music – long before the term was used in the first place. Music of which, after no more than a few decades, almost no visible or audible evidence survives.
One senses that the private grief over lost family memorabilia is only a trigger: for the subtle exploration of a once multi-religious, multi-ethnic and overall extremely generous form of coexistence in this Northern Iraqi region.

Ralph Eue