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Doc Alliance Selection 2015
Homeland (Iraq Year Zero) Abbas Fahdel

A long-term chronicle of family life in Bagdad before and after the Iraq war. The attempt to live a normal life in war. An intimate, intense and stunning saga.

Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

Documentary Film
334 minutes

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Abbas Fahdel
Abbas Fahdel
Abbas Fahdel
Abbas Fahdel
Abbas Fahdel
In 2002, a year before the U.S. invasion, Abbas Fahdel began to film his family in Bagdad. His 12-year-old nephew Haidar was sure about one thing: you don’t have to go to school in a war. Everyone seemed to be waiting, nobody knew what to expect. In 2003, a few weeks after the official end of the fighting, Fahdel returns – the joy about the U.S. invasion has given way to a strong sense of disillusionment and chaos.

An intense chronicle of ordinary life in a war without showing the war itself.

Lina Dinkla