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White Night

Documentary Film
48 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Daniel Gal
Yuval Orr
Irit Gal
They are up in their kitchens before daybreak, straighten their sleeping children’s blankets and are ready to depart between two and three in the morning. Every night, Palestinian women living in a refugee camp near Jerusalem go on a difficult journey. Irit Gal accompanies Fatma, Jamila and the others, including Fayek, the only man, on their way across rough ground, mountains and forests, rubble and debris. When they reach the border to Israel they crawl through narrow holes in the barbed wire to run to safety from the army then. In the city, the hunted turn into modern women in high heels and without Hijabs who merge with the crowds. When they are cleaning Israeli homes it looks as if they were leading a normal life for a moment.
Under cover of darkness – which is no real protection after all – the women confide their fears, dreams and longings to the camera. The film moves only in the no man’s land between the borders, like its protagonists, who are marginalised by two societies: their own, where women are supposed to stay at home (even while they are forced to feed their families by illegal means) and Israel, which refuses them work permits and thus a life in dignity. One would like to invite those responsible to take part in this hellish night-time journey just once.
– Grit Lemke