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International Programme 2013
Do You Believe in Love? Dani Wasserman

An unusual matchmaker and her clients: female, male, young, old, healthy, sick, handicapped, normal, and crazy. Politically uncorrect, with lots of fun.

Do You Believe in Love?

Documentary Film
50 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Barak Heymann
Dani Wasserman
Eli Soorani
Gonen Glazer, Daniel Miran
Ron Goldman
Dani Wasserman
Gil Toren
Tova has been unable to move a finger since the disease has paralysed her muscles. Now she sits enthroned in a huge, upholstered chair like an oracle and receives her clients in the living room. Women, men, young, old, healthy, sick, handicapped, normal, and crazy: they all come to Tova because each and every one of them is searching for the perfect mate. The fact that Tova herself does not believe in love and frequently states this loud and clear does not lessen her success. She works tirelessly to find the right partners for her desperate clients.
With dedication and a sophisticated bookkeeping system, she tries to bring together those who have been unsuccessful on the “free market” so far. But there’s no trace of compassion or misunderstood correctness: Tova’s “star” – a young, slightly spastic woman in a wheelchair – sends her dream man packing without batting an eyelash when he has the impertinence to reproach her for her unhealthy lifestyle on the first date. And so the search goes on.
Dan Wasserman follows this unique matchmaker over the course of a year, allowing us to share the life and sufferings of a strong woman and her family. He succeeds, not least thanks to his amazing protagonist, in making a warm-hearted film about love – or what we think is love.

Lina Dinkla