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International Programme 2013
The Lab Yotam Feldman

The Palestinian conflict as a field of experimentation for the Israeli arms industry. An investigation that comes alarmingly close to some of the leading minds and penetrates deeply into the logic behind it all.

The Lab

Documentary Film
58 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Yoav Roeh, Serge Kestemont, Frank Eskenazi
Yotam Feldman
Guns that shoot around corners, so-called “cornershots”, are among the more profitable special developments of the Israeli arms industry. The army had already tested them in house-to-house fighting before they went on to become an international bestseller. A conspicuous number of former army employees enter the arms industry. They supply not only the tools of war, but the practical experience, too. War as a field of experimentation for the arms industry?
Israel is the fourth-largest arms exporter today. Director Yotam Feldman wants to find out whether the country’s wealth, however unevenly distributed it may be, exists in spite of or precisely because of military conflicts. So he talks to those who ought to know: the leading minds of a deathly industry. He is there when they receive diplomats from all over the world and visit arms fairs. When military philosophers think up the superstructure and the Brazilian police follow suit. “The Lab” is an investigative film in the best sense. As opposed to the likes of Michael Moore, Feldman does not play the provocateur. This seeming neutrality allows him to come really terrifyingly close to those dealers and their logic. This ought to be instructive for German citizens, too. After all, Germany ranks third among the global arms exporters.

Lars Meyer