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International Programme 2015
Oriented Jake Witzenfeld

Young, cool, and gay: three Palestinians in Tel Aviv between long party nights and the struggle against exclusion from their own families, Arab society, and Israel.


Documentary Film
83 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Jake Witzenfeld, Yoav Birenfeld
Jake Witzenfeld
Tamir Muskat
David Stragmeister, Michael Miroshnik, Omar Sawalha
Nili Feller
Jake Witzenfeld
Aviv Aldema
They are young and hungry for life, have academic degrees, their lifestyle is urban. Cool guys who want to prove that they represent a new generation. Khader, Fadi and Naeem have Israeli passports but consider themselves Palestinians first and foremost. They are also vegetarians, atheists and feminists. And most of all gay. While Naeem is still struggling with his coming out, Khader is a step further. His boyfriend is an Israeli. They are all outsiders, which unites them. Even if they can immerse themselves in the anonymity of long party nights in Tel Aviv, reality always catches up with them: a family who turn their backs and Israelis who are prejudiced against every Palestinian, straight or gay. The political conflict dominates everything.

British filmmaker Jake Witzenfeld followed his three friends over more than a year to get a look behind their cool facades. He makes them pose, arranges music clips, becomes part of their life, accompanies them on visits to their parents – and finds moments when the utopia of another life seems possible. In all the political and racist roaring and yelling the three friends seem like lambs.

Cornelia Klauß