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Documentary Film
64 minutes

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Michal Weits, Moran Ifergan
Moran Ifergan
Moran Ifergan
Moran Ifergan
Shahaf Wagshall
“I know how lonely Jerusalem can be. And with all your depressing beliefs about how hard life is and how all men cheat. It doesn’t have to be that way, Mori. Come to Tel Aviv, you can see the sun and make your films here.” Moran Ifergan’s mailbox is full. Relatives and friends worry about her. Her marriage has failed and faith didn’t work out either. But she doesn’t want to go to Tel Aviv, she wants to stay in Jerusalem, where she films the Western Wall and all those who approach it: men on one side, women on the other.

Moran Ifergan takes her camera close to the wall, shows its cracks stuffed with prayer notes. Mountains of scribbled-on paper that must be removed with sticks later. How do the contents differ on the two sides that are themselves separated by a kind of wall? And what is that wall between Ifergan and her mother, who considers her daughter’s lifestyle an imposition? This film is a personal testimony communicated through recorded phone calls as well as the very intimate look of its maker. A film full of solidarity and curiosity, but also defiance.

Carolin Weidner