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International Programme 2012
Isqat al Nizam - At The Regime Border Antonio Martino

An expedition to the Syrian border, encounters with refugees, deserted soldiers, Internet activists. Blood, beatings, torture, executions. A harrowing border experience.

Isqat al Nizam - At The Regime Border

Documentary Film
78 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Roberto Ruini, Pulsemedia
Antonio Martino
Mario Romanazzi, Valerio Pellegri, Vincenzo Scorza
Antonio Martino
Giuseppe Trepiccione, Simone Incerti Zambelli
Giordano Raggi
Diego Schiavo
This powerful film about the Syrian revolution features a variety of borderline experiences. For example the exiled journalist who is collecting material for an oppositional television network at the Turkish-Syrian border. He meets compatriots from all population groups – deserted soldiers, Internet fighters, refugees. The camera in these live sound passages is almost frozen, the shadows on the faces sharply delineated: stories of the beginning of the revolution, of dead friends and siblings. Then there are the disturbing YouTube films produced by the hundreds every day – a system running amuck. Soldiers in heavy boots jumping on the heads of tied-up protesters. Soldiers shooting a prisoner. Soldiers taking whole cities hostage. Orders to snipers: shoot everyone filming with a mobile phone! A young man who a moment ago was recording is bleeding to death on the backseat of a taxi. His brother continues. Upload to the Web. It’s mind-boggling when the agents of the system film each other at work. On camera torture. Executions. And beatings, beatings, beatings. There are no more restraints here. Finally the panic in a young girl’s voice as she watches soldiers storming her parents’ house. And we, who are watching all this? We allow the statesmen and special envoys and commissioners to play their game of oil, military bases and geopolitics. We have become so tired of all the images flooding us, and so weak. Still – there is no alternative to publishing this horror. The revolt is circling on the web. The fever is rising.
– Matthias Heeder