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Score for Joanna Kotze Shelly Silver

A space that can be everything. Or nothing. A four-minute essayistic stream of consciousness about the American choreographer Joanna Kotze – and pollution in the Mediterranean.

Score for Joanna Kotze

Documentary Film
4 minutes

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Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Shelly Silver
Maureen McLane
An imaginary space that could be anything. Or nothing. A space that is everything one wants it to be. Dancers co-opt spaces and transform them into an irresistible pull – as does the American choreographer Joanna Kotze, for whom this essayistic score of words and images was written. Shelly Silver created a four-minute associative flow of consciousness that is an indictment of pollution in the Italian Mediterranean, too.

Julia Weigl