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The Future Is Not Unwritten


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Susanne Steinmassl
Susanne Steinmassl
Angela Aux, Cico Beck, DVDV, Sam Irl, Leroy, Johannes Oberauer, Beni Brachtel
Ben Bernhard, Karl Kürten, Susanne Steinmassl, Phyllis Josefine
Artificial Intelligence LIV
Phyllis Josefine
Susanne Steinmassl, Florian Kreier, Mira Mann
Maximilian Heitsch, Raphael Höps, Tom Bauer
Maximilian Heitsch
Susanne Steinmassl, Maximilian Heitsch, Phyllis Josefine
Susanne Steinmassl
Maximilian Heitsch, Florian Kreier
Phyllis Josefine
Are humans about to make themselves redundant? Or are we evolving into digital hybrids? The transition to trans-humanism is addressed via five recurring narrative islands about existence, corporeality, identity, transformation and consciousness. A living film which, thanks to machine learning code, narrates itself with an infinite number of changes.

Lars Rummel, Marie Hinkelmann