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International Programme 2017
Time to Read Poems Soojung Lee

Dropping out, the other way: instead of attending to self-optimisation and careers five Koreans take the time they need – to live, to read, to be. A film like a breath of relief.

Time to Read Poems

Documentary Film
South Korea
74 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Soojung Lee
Soojung Lee
Mincheol Wang, Soojung Lee
Dongsun Ko
Soojung Lee
“Sometimes I think I’m only the tool and poetry is the real protagonist.” Each of the five persons in this film has a special relationship with poetry. To them, poems are the elixir of life, a cure, an escape from the rush of everyday life. None of them were made happy by the consumer society – their dreams were not about money, careers or recognition. They wanted a life without pressures and fears. Poetry has accompanied them on their way to a different kind of existence, gave them strength when their courage failed. The remarkable calm and serenity reflected in their faces says it all: their decisions were right.

In their conversations, Soojung Lee gives her protagonists enough space to get to the core of the subject. In pleasantly associative images the film outlines the intersections where their paths cross. Even if their problems aren’t the same, their irritations have similar roots. The conformist and well-adapted life in the rat race of a society geared towards performance and consumption has its victims. Especially among those who don’t want to fit their souls into pre-determined pigeon-holes. A quiet and delicate film that gives a stage to those who are resolved to follow a different kind of clock.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann

Nominated for Healthy Workplaces Film Award