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Animadoc 2014
Rocks in My Pockets Signe Baumane

Strong women, dominant men, restrictive systems and psychological disorders. The story of a depression, drawn and narrated with a wealth of metaphors. Full of defiant humour.


Rocks in My Pockets

88 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Signe Baumane
Signe Baumane
Kristian Sensini
Wendy Cong Zhao
Signe Baumane, Sam Hayes, Jessica Polaniecki, Angela Stempel, Sturgis Warner, Eriq Wities
Signe Baumane
Weston Fonger
Signe Bauman is known for her open attitude towards taboos. Her films are explicit with a funny and ironic touch. So far she has told her stories only in the short format. “Rocks in My Pockets” is her first feature-length film and probably her most personal work, for the filmmaker takes a trip into her family’s past. She herself describes her latest work as “a funny film about depression”, but it’s probably more of a story about strong, independent women, domineering men, restrictive systems and mental illnesses that none of those involved take seriously. Her grandmother died mysteriously and the family remained silent about it. Signe assumes that she killed herself for she, too, suffers from depression and three of her cousins are mentally ill.
The filmmaker animates external influences and internal states of mind for her film, tries to make her own emotions and those of her fellow sufferers comprehensible to others and explains the connections between her personal and artistic emancipation and the process of coming to terms with the family secrets.
Annegret Richter